Tallinn Health Care College

Tallinn Health Care College

Who bothers to read the text nowadays. The video is too boring. In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to do something special. Like Tallinn Health Care College, who took a virtual tour. The purpose of this tour is to show the learning environment and introduce the curricula in a new and engaging way. Of course, the virtual tour acts as a passive introduction to the university's website. However, the tour can also be actively used on foreign trips, trade fairs and elsewhere. For important meetings abroad, the tour can be switched to Russian or English. When participating in trade fairs, the tour can be put on the big screen, where it will go around different locations on its own in automatic tour mode and catch the eyes of the fair guests.

In addition, there is virtual tour a good tool in everyday marketing communication. If, for example, you want to show someone anywhere in the world the latest Ambulance simulator at your school, you simply send this link:Look, we have an ambulance in the classroom". However, if you want to show that even the driving route is displayed in front of the eyes of the ambulance driver with a projector, you can send, for example, a link like this from the same image instead:An ambulance driver can also practice". Each location has a different link for each direction and zoom level - this can be displayed in the address bar while on tour - simply by pressing the enter key on your keyboard. In this way, the virtual tour becomes a tool where all the views of the most important places are available.

In addition to the complete virtual tour, the university now has all the 360-degree panoramic photos taken for the virtual tour available for use. 26 large-format, world-class quality images for web, print or social media use. On Facebook's timeline, for example, they automatically become interactive.

In any case, the TUUR team hopes that the work done will be of great benefit and help to Tallinna Tervishoiu Korgkool. So we would all have enough good nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, dentists and eye doctors and other health workers in the future.

See the virtual tour of Tallinn University of Health