TOUR creates VR experiences – 360° videos to be experienced in VR headsets that bring the viewer right into the middle of the action. The viewer puts VR glasses head and then you can look around in any direction within the video. Maximum video quality and surround sound (the viewer can understand from which direction the sounds are coming) create a unique sense of presence.

With the help of VR experience, it is good to convey environments and activities for which a photo or a standard video would be too restrictive. 360° video is the best presentation method at fairs, foreign business meetings, company events etc. As you can see below, VR video can be shown perfectly and YouTube and Facebook environments. However, it is the most effective in a VR headset viewed.

VR experience of the smoke sauna of Vana-Võrumaa

A 360° video with surround sound, created for viewing with VR glasses, was completed in Võrumaa, Mooska smoke sauna. In addition to the Estonian version of the video, there are also English and Japanese versions. The customer uses the VR experience primarily at fairs both in Estonia and abroad. For example, in Japan, so that potential nature tourists there can have an unforgettable experience of going to the smoke sauna of Old Võrumaa, jumping into the ice hole and all the other customs that go with it.

In the booth, a fabric imitating a sauna environment is set up, the viewer sits on a bench designed accordingly, and while watching the video, the virtual sauna users are beaten with real birch fury.

Client: SA Võrumaa Turism.

VR experience of the smoke sauna of Vana-Võrumaa - drag the mouse over the video and look around

Omniva logistics center sorting line VR

At the grand opening event of Omniva's new logistics center, TUUR had a table with four VR devices on display, where guests could feel like a parcel of mail. The journey of a postal package begins when the operator places it on the sorting line - then the viewer goes through the entire line, is placed in the parcel truck by the courier, and the parcel is picked up by the satisfied customer from the parcel vending machine.

For the VR experience, TUUR filmed a 360° video by attaching the camera to a mail package with a specially prepared jig. The video, born largely as an improvisation (doubles could not be allowed before Christmas in the nervous sleepless atmosphere of the logistics center) turned out to be a real hit at the opening event, which is why we showed the video a second time - at the airport, at Omniva's big year-end party. Now VR video lives its own life on social media, and if the Omniva team needs to show business partners the magic of the logistics center's sorting line, for example, they can do it with the help of a VR experience.

Video in Estonian and English. Client: Omniva.

Omniva logistics center sorting line - drag the mouse over the video and look around

Virtual flight over a snowy forest

Flight over the snowy forest

"Flight over a snowy forest" is a short but effective 360-degree video, which is most effective when viewed on a VR device. The viewer seems to be gliding over frosty spruce trunks on a beautiful winter morning - like in a dream. This video was also a real hit on social media, where it collected clicks from viewers as a two-dimensional projection of the “little planet”.

The weather was beautiful that winter morning, but very cold. The thermometer showed -24°C, and there was fog here and there. In this weather, even a simple drone flight is a real risk, because the propellers can freeze and the drone can fall. This aerial flight is even more dangerous when a heavy 360-degree camera hangs from the drone. Too close to the treetops, too cold, too far... thinking back, I probably wouldn't do such a flight again. Fortunately, everything went smoothly that morning - the drone flew over the forest and came back. The only things that were slightly damaged were the frozen fingers of the drone operator 🙂

"Flight over the snowy forest" is on the portal Among the selected editor's pics videos in the 360 videos category.

Above the snowy forest - drag the mouse over the video and look around