Interactive 360° photos

For use on Facebook and elsewhere

Everyone posts normal pictures on Facebook. Stand out from the crowd. Show your rooms, people, exciting activities and more with interactive 360° photos. I will come, take photos and send you top-quality 360° panoramas that you can use very easily on Facebook and elsewhere.

Download the sample file here (you can try loading Facebook and see what a 360° photo taken by TUUR looks like).

360° photo sharing on Facebook

For Facebook, we make separate panoramas in post-processing that are exactly the right size and metadata. You can share these panoramas on Facebook just like regular pictures. Facebook automatically recognizes that it is 360° content and automatically makes it interactive. Below are some examples of 360° panoramas shared on the Facebook wall - click on them to see how they look on Facebook.

Using 360° photos as normal photos

A 360×180° panoramic photo can be used like a normal image - on a website or elsewhere. The panorama assembled from several individual images is very large (18,000 x 9,000 px) and therefore various smaller parts can be cut from it without reducing the image quality.

360×180° panoramic photos are such images that have the entire surrounding view folded into them. Especially in the photos taken from the interior, we can see how the ceiling and walls and everything else are geometrically distorted and bent into one plane. Such images have a maximum wide angle and an interesting perspective - see one example of a helicopter simulator. You can cut out an area from such an image, which is particularly effective when used on a website - see right here below ↓









360° photos become super beautiful large prints

Since the 360° panoramas I take are very large, they are perfect for printing. Both smaller and extra large. For example, such a panorama can be printed super sharp on a 3 m wide canvas on a kapa board and put on the wall. Estonian Aviation Academy for example, gave a large printed aerial panorama as a gift to an important foreign guest. Tartu Health College however, used panoramic photos in the design of cardboard ruler bookmarks. SA Innove used many 360° panoramas in its publication introducing vocational education “To help the decision maker“.




  • 360×180° super high-quality panoramic photos
  • HDR post-processing: photos are as real as in real life
  • Automatic interactivity on Facebook and Google + page
  • Photo dimensions: 18000×9000 px
  • Sharp prints up to 3 meters wide
  • Write and ask - I approach creatively, I give advice on how and what to photograph so that the result is as effective as possible

Write and order 360° photos