Estonian Aviation Academy

Estonian Aviation Academy

The Estonian Aviation Academy needed a virtual tour to show its new, spacious training building. But not only. Walls and windows alone would be boring. That's how we shot spherical panoramas, not so much of the academy's premises, but of the students who study at the academy on a daily basis. We didn't photograph the radio measuring devices, but how the students handle them. Not the lobbies, but how the students spend their free time there. Not a flight simulator, but a simulation. This is how the Aviation Academy introduces itself to its partners and attracts new students.

The virtual tour of the Flight Academy was photographed at the beginning of autumn 2015. For all the photos, I used a Sony A7R camera with an ancient but sharp Canon FD 15mm fisheye lens attached to the front. This is an ideal set for shooting spherical panoramic photos, because the entire field of view can be covered with just 7 photos, but the resolution of the resulting photo is much higher than what would be needed on a computer screen. In addition, of course, image quality - sharpness and dynamic range.

I pat Jorma Suumann on the shoulder in appreciation (louder), with whom the aerial panorama was photographed using a drone. I would also like to thank Eelika, marketing manager of the Flight Academy, for her bold vision and organization.

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December 7, 2015
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