TalTech Virtual Tour

TalTech Virtual Tour

It is TalTech Virtual Tour. A visual environment with a virtual guide, the purpose of which is to introduce TalTech University primarily abroad, but also in Estonia.

The center of the tour is a virtual guide who helps the interested party find the most interesting locations in the town. This guide welcomes the viewer, introduces the different places and directs the viewer with his questions. Be sure to turn on the audio in the opening view - that way you don't have to read the descriptions, but you can comfortably listen to the guide's talk spiced with ironic humor while enjoying the 360-degree views.

The TalTech virtual tour has 360 photos, 360 videos, sound and design are combined into one visual whole so that the user is drawn into the virtual tour from the first frame. The specialty of the virtual tour lies in putting all the content together in such a way as to form a unified experience. It is a complete environment that works on both desktop and smart devices and presents the university in a very different way than it has traditionally been done. This kind of virtual tour introducing the university with a virtual guide is known to be unique in the world.

A more observant viewer may notice that although TalTech is quite large, the virtual tour only shows a very small part of it. This is because the virtual tour is not ready. What you are seeing is not the final tour, just the first beta version. Of course, we will include more exciting places from different faculties in the same virtual tour in the future, because believe me - there is no shortage of such places at TalTech. The virtual guide also develops and grows together with the tour, who may one day be seen as a real Ai or Artificial Intelligence, for whom the virtual tour remains small.

Award-winning virtual tour

The TalTech virtual tour was awarded Awwwards Honorable Mention rating from the jury and is now among the world's best online visual experiences on the Awwards website.