Virtual tour of the city of Tartu

Virtual tour of the city of Tartu

We started making the virtual tour of the city of Tartu from the minimum. We selected 25 locations that could be of most interest to tourists and took large and beautiful 360-degree panoramic photos of them. We added descriptive texts, information points, videos and audio to the photos and designed from all of this VisitTartu a virtual tour that matches the visual style. This is a pilot project, a beta version, the first step in creating a more comprehensive online environment introducing Tartu.

The main focus of the finished virtual tour is In 360-degree panoramic photos. The shooting of these views lasted during the summer: from the beginning of July to the end of August. It was important that all locations were photographed in beautiful, sunny weather. In the case of important buildings, the direction of the light had to be taken into account - so that the facade was not in the shade but in nice sunlight. In general, the aim was not to (recognizably) leave people in the picture. With some exceptions, because, for example, from the Barlova bar evening "carpet” or it would not be possible to show the festival atmosphere of the apparatus factory without people... Several image versions were photographed from some locations (with different light or with a small change in location), from which the best ones were then selected.

The best of these are now ready for viewing - as a virtual tour. This tour works equally well on a phone or in a web browser on any computer. However, you will get the best experience if you consume it on a large screen with at least 4K pixels.

Welcome to the midsummer city of Tartu!

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