Representative virtual tour

If several 360° photos are combined into one whole, it is a virtual tour. Usually, a virtual tour has a menu that allows you to move between different 360° photos. In addition, the virtual tour may have various descriptions and other texts that provide the viewer with additional information. A representative virtual tour can include videos, sounds, a navigable map, social media buttons, etc. - all put together into the most beautiful and effective whole, to help raise the company's image.

360° video - for viewing on a regular screen or VR device

360° video is a super effective way to record or broadcast live presentations, create music videos, capture the process of making something (whether in a large factory or at a craftsman's), etc. With the help of 360° video, we can convey the functioning of an event together with the context, together with the place where this event took place/takes place. So - if both the event itself and the location of the event are important, then 360° video is the best medium to show it. Both on Facebook, You Tube and any other website.

Interactive 360° panoramic photos

360° photos are those that have the entire surrounding view folded into them. From above, below and all around. When shared on Facebook, they automatically become interactive, so those interested can look around inside the image by moving their finger, smart device or mouse. In addition, such photos are effective to use as regular images on the company's website, in the header of social media channels, etc. 360° photos are perfect for printing. For example, they can be used to print super sharp works of art several meters wide on the wall. And if there are a lot of these 360° photos, they can later be assembled into an effective virtual tour.

Google Street View

As a Google accredited partner, TUUR offers the opportunity to create a Google Street View from the premises of companies. The real Google Street View, which is added to the Google server and linked to your company's Google MyBusiness account. Street View's interior view goes to Google Maps and Google Search, so if someone is looking for a business there, they can immediately look around the interior. The finished Street View can also be easily and flexibly added to the company's own website.