Tour at Viljandi XXI traditional music festival

Tour at Viljandi XXI traditional music festival

The Yupiks, an indigenous people of Alaska and Eastern Siberia, are a rare group of people - there are about 28,000 of them in total, and they speak the Yupik language, which belongs to the Eskimo-Aleut language group. The singing group Pamyua stands out as a representative of this culture, which mainly cultivates Alaska and Greenland Inuit spells, songs and dances with drum accompaniment.

Pamyua represents surviving Inuit lore. Their performances encourage listeners to appreciate indigenous cultures by simultaneously combining ancient traditional wisdom and modern culture. Pamyua believes that this unity is possible through music and dance, and the ensemble members interpret Inuit traditions masterfully, with joy and sincerity. The response to this message has been powerful, with the group emerging as a symbol of Alaska Native pride.

PAMYUA's concert on the well stage of Viljandi castle hills was one of the favorites of the festival visitors. In between the music, this group could fit songs spiced up with good humor. The people were communicated with in a friendly and direct manner, and it went down on everyone. What else, if you had to raise the camera on the end of the monopod and click some burst shots. This is not virtual tour just a simple circular view with music. Look around the concert and listen - by clicking on the image above.


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