Google Street View in Estonia: Put your business directly in Google Street View

Tuur is a Google certified Street View partner in Estonia. We take a virtual tour of your premises with the best image quality and integrate it into the Google Maps map. That way you are more attractive to new customers. With a few clicks you can also add Street View to your website. Make your business visible on the Internet - see below how it all works.

An example of a Google indoor Street View virtual tour

Street View created by TUUR works exactly the same as the regular street view Street View made by Google itself. Just drag the image to see the circle and click in the desired direction to walk around.

Thanks to years of experience in the field of 360-degree photography, the Street View image quality created by TUUR is far better than the standards set by Google. So that every beautiful conference hall, tourist farm or cozy interior is Street Views like the real thing. Or more.

Once completed, indoor Street View is a powerful marketing tool for years to come. Google shows it for free in its environments and search results. Clicks on it cost you nothing. Indoor Street View helps businesses rank higher in Google search results and stand out from the crowd. The result: more customers now and in the future.

How do customers see Street View?

The Street View created by TUUR is displayed on the Google Maps map at the company's location (Google Place). From the Google environment, the Street View virtual tour can be added to your company's website - just like the example right here above.

in Google search

Google displays a company information card on the right side of the search results. By clicking on the thumbnails in its header, the interested person can get to the company's "Place" information in the Google Maps environment. The photos also include Street View entry points.


Inside Google Street View

When you walk down the street in Google Street View, you will see various icons around you. Each icon represents a company. Bars, restaurants, shops... Move the mouse over some icon and click "See inside". You are indoors. 


Add to your company page

You can easily add Google Street View to your company's website. For example, the "Contact" section. You can also share Street View on social media or send links via message or email if needed. An effective tool.


Street View as an effective marketing tool

Once set up, Street View will passively collect clicks in the Google Maps environment - without you having to do anything. In addition to this, however, every company can use Street View on its website and in daily sales activities when communicating with customers. Two main ways to use Street View:

How is it done and who does it?

Maybe you are already familiar Google Street View with the environment? With Street View you can walk around Estonian roads and streets. Google indoor Street View makes it possible to step from the street into indoor spaces - it's like the next level of regular Street View. This way you can walk around and look around in spas, cafes, shops, etc.

To create Street View, Google uses special cars that drive around the roads and take 360-degree photos. however, for indoor Street View, Google works with photographers.

Certified photographers shoot and assemble Google indoor Street View for companies for a fee. They then use the tools provided by Google to integrate the tour into Google services.

Street View - exterior views

Photographed by Google Car

Business View - interior views

A photographer takes pictures

Google Street View in Estonia

I am Lauri. I am a member of the International VR Photography Association and have been creating virtual tours with special solutions for more than 10 years now. During this time, Tallinn University, Tallink, Eesti Energia, Ahhaa keskus, TalTech, Coca-Cola Plaza and many other well-known companies from Estonia and neighboring countries have received virtual tours on their websites.

I received an invitation from Google to participate in the Google Street View project in the fall of 2015. Now I can access Google tools and create Google Street View interior views in addition to virtual tours with special solutions. Whether from small cafes, complex hotels, holiday homes in the middle of beautiful nature or large shopping centers. My experience in creating virtual tours with complex special solutions also ensures the quick completion of Street View and the best possible image quality.

google-street-view-tallinn-2 ivrpa_logo-member-web






Google indoor Street View About your business - how does it happen?


    • Get in touch and let us know how big your business premises are. I will answer all questions. If necessary, we will arrange a time to inspect the place to be photographed. In the case of a simpler object, we can immediately agree on a time to photograph.

    • We will set the exact trajectory of Street View on the spot. The price of creating a Google Street View is based on the amount of work.

    • Let's arrange a time for Google Street View photography. This should be a time when the rooms are empty. A good time to take photos is just before opening. Or during the day when there are fewer customers.

    • I shoot Google Street View panoramas according to a predetermined trajectory.

    • This is followed by processing the photos, putting them together and making them a navigable whole in the Google Maps environment. About 1 week should be considered.

  • I publish Street View in the Google Maps environment. From there, it can also be added to the company's website if desired (see how to do it here)


Selected Google Street View