New virtual tour: cruise ship Silja Symphony

New virtual tour: cruise ship Silja Symphony

Silja Symphony is a large and luxurious cruise ship that has been sailing on the Helsinki and Stockholm route since 1991. “An old ship,” some of the finer Swedish ladies might say about the Symphony. After all, they haven't taken a ship to Helsinki lately, because otherwise they would know that this ship underwent a complete renovation in 2016 and doesn't look old at all. Quite beautiful, clean and like new.

Now you don't have to travel to Helsinki or Stockholm to see the Silja Symphony. Freshly made Silja Symphony virtual tour with it, even the most refined Swedish ladies can look through all the shops and restaurants of the cruise ship, admire the spacious promenade, explore the cabins, visit the nightclub, conference halls, spa...

The Silja Symphony virtual tour consists of 45 large-format spherical panoramas. These 360 degree photos has been processed in the HDR technique. The opening scene was shot with a drone at the moment when the ship is approaching the port of Helsinki and is currently passing through the narrow channel of Suomenlinna. The virtual tour is in English, Finnish and Swedish, and the tour can also be viewed and navigated using a smartphone.


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