The TalTech virtual tour got an updated design and got bigger

The TalTech virtual tour got an updated design and got bigger


TalTech virtual tour The update announced today brings with it new locations, a more convenient user interface and an even more polished design than before.

The fifth and last faculty has now been added to the virtual tour to the four existing faculties: Estonian Maritime Academy. The Maritime Academy is mainly located on the Kopli peninsula, 10 new views have been added to the tour to familiarize yourself with the learning environment and activities there. In addition to various photos, you can also view 360-degree video from the exercise in the bridge simulator.

There is more at the Maritime Academy structural unit also in Kuressaare – the viewer of the virtual tour can get an overview of the small ship building competence center there with the help of three 360-degree photos and one 360-degree video. In addition to the Maritime Academy, some new views of the university's Mustamäe campus have also been added. You can update, for example renewed Mektory innovation center and see exclusive inside views of how innovative self-driving cars, or ISEautos, are made.


Self-driving car Laboratory U05B-101


Updated Mektory


The main building of the Estonian Maritime Academy on the Kopli peninsula


Simulator center in the main building of the Estonian Maritime Academy

The design of the virtual tour has become more airyU05B-106 and easier to use. The virtual guide has acquired a position over the entire right edge and now automatically offers the user various activities there. In locations where it is possible to watch a 360-degree video, the entire logic of showing the video has been made particularly subtle and user-friendly in order to avoid the tour freezing in case of a slower internet connection.

The main menu now opens as a narrower strip on the left edge so that the user can view different locations in the menu without having to open the menu again in the meantime. These are just some of the first major developments that will make the experience of using the virtual tour significantly more comfortable than before.



Virtual tour has also received some useful new functions, which the university itself already missed when using the tour in practice and then wanted more.

With the help of the Google Maps location map displayed in the lower left button bar, you can get a good overview of the location of the locations covered in the tour in Estonia. Added auto tour feature - auto tour can be toggled on and off using the "AUTO" button on the bottom left button bar. In this mode, the panoramic view moves in a circle by itself and the locations change automatically so that, for example, when you are at a trade fair, the virtual tour can be put on the big screen to automatically show the university and catch the eyes of passers-by.

It is also possible to display a direct link to a specific panorama in the address bar of the browser with the Enter key on the keyboard. In this way, links can be sent to cooperation partners or the tour can be added to different websites so that the opening view of the tour is not an aerial photo of the campus but, for example, the opening view of the Maritime Academy, the self-driving vehicle laboratory or something else. For example, click on the links:

Adding the attribute &intro=true to the link starts a direct link with an intro. Omitting it leaves a long one intro between. For example:

Such flexible linking makes the virtual tour an excellent tool for the marketing team of the University of Technology both in Estonia and abroad.

See the updated TalTech virtual tour here


Award-winning virtual tour

The TalTech virtual tour was awarded Awwwards Honorable Mention rating from the jury and is now among the world's best online visual experiences on the Awwards website.


The update of the TalTech virtual tour was completed with the support of a joint effort:

  • Lauri Veerde (Tour) – photography, project management
  • Lauri Post (BitFiner) – ui, design
  • Keit Kiissel (TalTech) client-side project management
  • Andrey Sudarchikov (airpano) - development
  • Mihkel Raud (Attention) – copywriting


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