New virtual tour: Culture Boiler

New virtual tour: Culture Boiler

Kultuurikatel is a creative temple located in Tallinn, on the border of Kalamaja and the city center, where concerts, theater performances, conferences, study groups, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, etc. take place. It is a visually fascinating building, because it is a power plant built at the beginning of the last century, where electricity was produced by burning oil shale in large boilers. These giant boilers are still in the renovated building (see a 360-view of the boiler room) and together with cathedral-sized stone walls and high ceilings create a special atmosphere. Combustion gases from under the boilers moved through stone-lined flues into the tall chimney - today the way to the rooms in the basement of the cultural boiler runs through these flues. When you go there, you can admire the inside of the chimney and the peculiar low vaulted ceilings of the smoke passages (you can see the 360-view of the smoke passages here).

The main source of income for Kultuurikatla is the rental of rooms in the building for various events. Completed in 2017 virtual tour with the help of Kultuurikatel, these spaces can now be shown to those interested via the Internet, without potential customers having to come. Such a convenient solution has already received a lot of positive feedback, and perhaps it also has a part in the fact that the sweetest rental spaces in the cultural cauldron have already been sold out for quite a long time. At the beginning of 2018, there are plans to expand the virtual tour of Kultuurikatla, during which brand new rental rooms will be added to the first version.


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