Tartu nature house virtual exhibition

Tartu nature house virtual exhibition


You can now get to know the Tartu Nature House with the help of a virtual exhibition. A newly completed exhibition, perhaps virtual tour ready THE TOURi and Tartu nature house in cooperation and takes the interested party on a tour of the outdoor areas and indoor spaces of the Nature House. The virtual tour consists of 13 large, high-quality panoramic photos, which are connected into a single navigable whole by means of a tailor-made and designed user interface (menus, buttons, texts, images, videos).

In this virtual exhibition, of course, the 360-degree base photos catch the eye first. Two of them were photographed with a drone from above, the rest from human eye level. Even more important and labor-intensive in the creation of this exhibition has been the creation of the information layer. Namely, this exhibition is not only visual, but also has informative and educational content.


The virtual exhibition of Tartu Loodusmaja can be viewed both on a regular computer and on mobile devices. There is a separate design version for small screens. 

A total of 147 information points are placed inside the 13th panorama. They give the viewer information about the important things inside the corresponding image. They explain the picture and more than that - they tell the story of the creation of the nature house and through it pass on knowledge about the foundations of environmentally sustainable construction. After all, Loodusmaja is designed in such a way that it functions - even though it is in the heart of the city of Tartu, but still - as energy-saving, nature-friendly and in harmony with nature as possible.

By clicking on information points or touching the touch screen, you can read and view pieces of information in the window that opens. In order to make all information points easier to find, there is a menu of information points designed with dots on the left side of the screen. If you click on any point in this menu, the viewer will be shown where in the image the corresponding piece of information is located.

See the virtual tour of the Tartu Nature House


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